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Andonox KP-100 1 l

Andonox KP-100 1 l
Bruttó: 2 252 Ft/pcs
Unit price: Bruttó: 2 252 Ft/l/

A piros színu Andonox KP-100, olyan MEKP (metil-etil-keton peroxid), amely telítetlen poliészter gyanták iniciátoraként alkalmazható. A szinezett peroxid elonye foleg gyantaszórás során érvényesül, így elsosorban ehhez az eljáráshoz ajánlott. A szinezett gélek színét módosíthatja! A térhálósításhoz ajánlott adagolási mennyiség 1-3 %.

  • Red dyed, mobile liquid, consisting of peroxides based on methylethylketone, essentially desensitised with phtalate plasticiser. This ketone peroxide is used as an initiator (radical source) in the curing of unsaturated polyester resins. Main application: curing of moulded, casted or winded glasfibre reinforced products at ambient temperature in combination with cobalt accelerators. This red dyed version helps to control homogenous mixing and during curing discolouration will take place again.

    POLYESTER CURING: Curing agent for all UP resin types at ambient temperature in combination with cobalt accelerators. Standard dosage level: 1-3% as supplied, with 0.5-2% of a 1% cobalt solution. Suitable also for gelcoats with improved osmosis resistance and lowest porosity due to low water- and hydrogenperoxide content. "Pot life" (gel time of resin + peroxide + accelerator) relatively short, but may be prolonged by adding Inhibitors, such as tert.butyl catechol.

    CURING PERFORMANCE: Moderate evolution of heat. Relatively long mould release time, moderate mould release factors. Temperatures below 20°C prolong curing times considerably, alternatively cobalt / amine accelerators should then be used.

    PROCESSING METHODS: Particularly hand lay-up, spray lay-up, centrifugal casting, filament winding, casting of resins, and surface coatings (putties, fillers, gelcoats and topcoats).

  • Kiszerelés(ml)
    1 000 ml
    1.17 kg/pcs