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Poly PN 013/80HM + ISO 30 (10kg+11,5kg)

Poly PN 013/80HM + ISO 30 (10kg+11,5kg)
Gross: 121.8 EUR/pcs
Unit price: Gross: 12.18 EUR/szett
Resin classification:
Packaging (A + B) together set:
Mixing ratio (by weight):
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Closed cell polyurethan foaming system suitable for production of tube insulation, wood imitation and decoration parts.

  • Foaming properties, hand mix 20%C, 3000 rpm, 8s:


    Cream time. 70s

    Gel time: 240 s

    Core density free rise 80 kg/m3

    Fire behaviour DIN4102, t1 B3*

    Closed cells >90 %

  • Resin classification
    PUR Foaming
    Foam density
    80 kg/m3, free foaming
    Processing time
    70 sec ± 7
    Packaging (A + B) together set
    10 szett
    Mixing ratio (by weight)
    22.6 kg/pcs