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Fastcast - F1GN (0,75kg+0,75kg)

Fastcast - F1GN (0,75kg+0,75kg)
Gross: 20.04 EUR/pcs
Unit price: Gross: 20.04 EUR/szett
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Polyuretan fast casting resin for the following applications:

tools for small to medium-scale series, mould impressions for dimensional checks, positioning assemblies, prototyping, stamping tools, artistic applications (furniture, statuettes, bas-reliefs…) casting moulds for small scale series.

    • Easy-to-use mixing (1:1 by weight)
    • Fast demoulding
    • Short pot-life
    • Low viscosity
    • Good temperature resistance after thermal treatment
    • Good ability for being painted
  • QuantityDiscountProduct price
    1 pcs more thanless than 5 pcs-20.04 EUR/pcs
    5 pcs more than 5 %19.04 EUR/pcs
  • Resin classification
    Polyurethane Fast Cast
    Processing time
    5 min
    Packaging (A + B) together set
    1 szett
    1.5 kg/pcs