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ZA 22 Thixo Body (3,5kg+3,5kg)

ZA 22 Thixo Body (3,5kg+3,5kg)
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22 Shore A of skin tone thixo pasta is a bicomponent (base and catalyst) addition RTV 2 silicone rubber that vulcanizes at room temperature. Indicated for the duplication of Body casting and Special effects.

  • Chemical and Physical Properties

    Vulcanized product


    Vulcanized color Skin tone

    Mixing ratio Base : Cat 1 : 1

    Hardness (Shore A) after 24 h a 23 °C 22 ± 2

    Working time at 23 °C 6min 00sec

    Setting time at 23 °C 15 min 00sec ÷ 20min 00sec

    Viscosity (cP) > 50˙000

  • Processing time
    6 min
    7 kg/pcs