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Jesmonite is a water-based, two-component, acrylic polymer / mineral resin system. The system is also suitable for a wide range of applications, such as casting and lamination, where the end user wants to reduce the risks associated with traditional solvent-based systems. A range of complementary products, including decorative and functional fillers, control chemicals, pigments and glass reinforcements, prove that the product is extremely versatile. The material is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, however, for outdoor use, it is recommended to use a sealing or suitable paint system to protect the surface. 

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AC100 liquids (1kg) + Jesmonite (2,5 kg)
13.6 EUR+VAT
AC100 liquids (5kg) + Jesmonite (12,5 kg)
65.51 EUR+VAT
AC100 liquids (10kg) + Jesmonite (25 kg)
112.48 EUR+VAT
Out of stock
AC730 liquids (1kg) + Natural Stone Base (5 kg)
23.78 EUR+VAT
Out of stock

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