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Formaleválasztó TRE 750 ECO kiszerelt 0,5 l @

Formaleválasztó TRE 750 ECO kiszerelt  0,5 l @
Bruttó: 4 983 Ft/db
Egységár: Bruttó: 9 966 Ft/l
Kiszerelés (ml):

Designed to release epoxy, polyester, vínilester, phenolic and other thermosetting resins.

Ensuring many releases and will not contaminate released surface.

ECOlogically friendly release agent

Apply with dry cotton cloth

  • Product Description:

    Marbocote 750 ECO is designed to release epoxy,polyester,vinylester,phenolic and other thermosetting resins. Marbocote 750 ECO is an advanced polymeric resin in a non-chlorinated organic solvent blend. Marbocote 750 ECO provides a durable film capable of giving many releases per application and will not contaminate the released surface.

    Product Benefits:  Easy, fast application  Non contaminating  Non-chlorinated ECOlogically friendly solvents  Low odour  Minimal mould build-up  Versatile, can be used on all mould  surfaces  Durable; provides multiple releases  per application

    Physical Properties: Appearance Clear, colourless liquid Odour Hydrocarbon Specific Gravity 0.766 g/cc Flash Point 26 °C Solvents Aliphatic hydrocarbon Coverage 20 - 25m2 / L Shelf life One year Storage Flammable store (see Safety Data Sheet for further details).

    Note: The polymeric resin used in Marbocote 750 ECO reacts with moisture. Please ensure can is resealed after use. Marbocote 750 ECO is supplied ready to use, no shaking or mixing is required. Do not mix with other products or solvents. For new, porous or damaged moulds, Marbocote Mould Sealer should be used prior to applying the Marbocote 750 ECO . See Marbocote Mould Sealer technical data sheet for application details.

    Application: Please read Safety Data Sheet before use.

    If necessary, polish mould to desired level of gloss. If a wax or silicone based release agent has been used previously, remove all traces of previous product using a solvent based cleaner such as Marbocote Mould Cleaner. Marbocote 750 ECO can be applied over existing semipermanent release agents without a further cleaning step. However, the mould should be clean and dry before use. Mould cleaning and release agent application should be performed in a well ventilated area.

    1. Apply Marbocote 750 ECO to clean dry cotton cloth. 2. Gently wipe over mould surface covering an area of approximately 0.5 m2 . Vigorous rubbing or polishing is not required. 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 on the adjacent area, frequently reapplying the product to the cloth. Ensure a good overlap with the previous area to provide complete coverage. 4. Repeat until mould is completely coated. 5. When dry, allow a further 15 minutes between coats for the film to cure. 6. Repeat Steps 1-5 above for a further 3 coats (4 in total). 7. When dry, allow final film to cure for at least 30 minutes at room temperature before moulding. Allowing a longer cure or heat curing (e.g. 15 min at 60oC) will improve film durability.

    Reapplication: When release becomes hesitant, reapply one coat of Marbocote 750 ECO in the same manner as described above.

  • Kiszerelés (ml)
    500 ml
    477 g/db