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More about additives and excipients:

Additives are substances that, when mixed in relatively small amounts (0.1-5%) with a filled, unfilled or reinforced matrix material, improve certain properties or reduce or eliminate other adverse properties without inducing any chemical reaction with the resin. Thus, substances such as catalysts, initiators, inhibitors, or accelerators cannot be called additives because they act primarily through chemical reactions.

There are several benefits to using additives. They can be used to modify the flow behavior of resins, to increase the rate or extent of impregnation (wetting) of the framework material (glass, carbon, aramid fabric, etc.) or filler (quartz flour, talc, dolomite, etc.), aesthetic appearance or UV stability of the final product, and reducing its shrinkage. All these properties form the basis of corrosion resistance or weather resistance, which results in a longer service life of the final product.


Excipients are all products that do not participate in the modification of the properties of matrix resins, but assist in technological processes. These include mold release agents, vacuum excipients, etc.