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  • Company name / Name: Alvin Trade House LTD.
    Address: Cserszegi u 12., Budakeszi, 2092, Pest, Hungary
    Personal pick up here: H-2092 BUDAKESZI Cserszegi utca 12.
    Phone number: +36-23 44 55 10
    Fax number: +36-23 445-524
    Email address: aruhaz [at]
    Shop name: ALVIN Trade House
    Tax number: 25340365-2-41
    EU VAT number: HU25340365
    Company registration number: 01-10-048538
    Bank account number: 12010721-01561091-00100002
    Contact person name: Ágota Velkei
    Contact person´s phone number: +36 23 44 55 10
    Contact person´s e-mail address: aruhaz [at]
    Opening hours: Monday-Thursday: 8:00-16:00 Friday: 8:00-15:00
  • » Delivery
    Shipping costs to the territory of Hungary are as follows:

    Total product weightShipping cost
    0 kg4.99 kg9.89 EUR
    5 kg9.99 kg10.48 EUR
    10 kg19.99 kg12.05 EUR
    20 kg29.99 kg19.52 EUR
    30 kg39.99 kg35.56 EUR
    40 kg59.99 kg42.22 EUR
    60 kg79.99 kg56.81 EUR
    80 kg99.99 kg61.71 EUR
    100 kg 67.22 EUR

    For shipping costs outsside Hungary ask for our individual offer at the e-mail address!

  • » Cash
    We look forward to seeing you!

    Opening hours:
    Monday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    Friday: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
    » Forward references
    Place your order and we will send you a proforma invoice. If the money has arrived in our account, we will send you the package.
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