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Chopped strand mat gr/m2
100 gr - 600 gr
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Chopped mat 100gr/m2 125cm width
0.54 EUR+VAT
Chopped mat 225 gr/m2 125 cm width
1.15 EUR+VAT
Chopped mat 300gr/m2 125cm width
1.06 EUR+VAT
Chopped mat 450 gr/m2 125cm width
1.44 EUR+VAT
Chopped mat 600 gr/m2 125cm width
1.88 EUR+VAT

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Two basic types of glass duvets can be distinguished, cut or continuous fiber. Glass duvets can be made by gluing disordered glass fibers together (chemically bonded duvet) or stapling (mechanically bonded duvet). One of the most characteristic data of the commercially available form of glass duvets is the weight per square meter, which is between 100-900 g / m2, in larger quantities the types 300 and 450 g / m2 are purchased by processors.


They are made of cut glass strands or cut “glass roving” 25-50 mm long, which are passed through cutting heads. The cutting heads cut the fibers into pieces 20-50 mm long (the upper limit is more typical for plastic reinforcement). The staple fibers are spread on a moving belt (random arrangement). The fibers are held together by a resin-based, powder- or emulsion-based adhesive, which is applied to the surface by spraying. The binder ensures the uniform spreadability, customizability and shape of the quilt produced in this way. After the edges of the quilt coming off the conveyor are cut and cut to size, the quilt is wound up. This is how it is marketed. Blankets made in this way are called chemically bonded glass blankets.