It can be glued perfectly with it
Working minutes (adhesives)
6 - 30
Fixing time minutes (Adhesives)
10 - 40
Type of adhesives
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Epoxy, Polyurethane and PMMA Structural Adhesives for the composite industry and many industries such as. automotive, bus manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing, railway vehicles, vehicle superstructures, etc.

We offer many types for different applications, with different viscosities, open time, manual or machine process!

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Adekit A 135/50
6.66 EUR+VAT
ADEKIT A 140/400 BG
20.02 EUR+VAT
Adekit A 140/50 BG
8.57 EUR+VAT
Adekit A 220/50GY
7.81 EUR+VAT
Adekit A 280/400BK 05046
20.2 EUR+VAT
Adekit H 9940BK (0.5+0.45)
23.1 EUR+VAT
Featured product
Structural adhesive MA 310 50ml ( 31500)

8.93 EUR+VAT
7.34 EUR+VAT
Out of stock

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