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Aluminium trihidrate ALOLT-21 AF (25kg)
1.07 EUR+VAT
Quartz flour DIN 100 W (25kg)
0.98 EUR+VAT
Cotton Flocks
1.96 EUR+VAT
Luzenac SA-20 talc
1.15 EUR+VAT
Titanium dioxide Tronox CR-828 (TiO2 rutil)
6.49 EUR+VAT
0.87 EUR+VAT
Hollow glass microspheres (Eurocell 302)
Chopped strands SV14 264  6 mm
2.69 EUR+VAT
RZ 209/6 aluminium powder 0,06 mm
11.43 EUR+VAT
Out of stock
Vágott karbonszál C C6-4.0/240-E100
Out of stock

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The combination of polymer and filler (and reinforcement in each case results in a new plastic, which often has more favorable properties than the original polymer. Fillers not only increase rigidity and heat resistance, but also reduce shrinkage. and their higher thermal conductivity allow them to increase productivity.They have a high use in polymers, up to several hundred percent compared to polymers.Combination with special fillers results in composites with functional properties that the polymer alone did not have, such as flame resistance, conductivity The steady increase in technical and aesthetic demands on products made from polymers combined with fillers, as well as the increasing raw material and processing costs, make the use of fillers essential.

Satisfying the requirements for fillers and exploiting their functional advantages is only possible if we know the most important characteristics of the filler and their effect on the properties of the composite.