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AC630 liquids (1kg) + Natural Stone Base (5 kg)

AC630 liquids (1kg) + Natural Stone Base (5 kg)
  • AC630 liquids (1kg) + Natural Stone Base (5 kg)
Gross: 34.52 EUR/set
Unit price: Gross: 5.75 EUR/kg
Jesmonite AC630 is an acrylic polymer modified, cement-based composite. It is a shrinkage-compensated material of low permeability and is durable in all conditions of weathering. The product contains a fine decorative aggregate and powder pigments, carefully controlled to give a consistent decorative surface finish.
  • Jesmonite AC630 can be used for a range of decorative applications that require greater dimensional stability, overall strength and enhanced durability within extreme weather conditions. The Jesmonite AC630 technology can be utilised for fine surface detail retrieval, castings, premix flat panel and lightweight laminated applications.



    Mix ratio5:1 Base to Liquids
    Wet density2000kg/m3
    Dry density1920kg/m3
    Initial set15-20 min




    Water uptake/porosityBS EN 1170-611% +/- 0,5%
    Freeze-thaw resistanceBS EN 772-22:2018100 cycles
    Fire ClassificationEN13501-1A2-s1-d0
    Dimensional stabilityBS EN 1170-7Shrinkage 0.354/Expansion 0.467(mm/m) 
    Weathering/durabilityETAG 034:2012 és BS EN 772-22:2018 25 years +
    Flexural strengthBS EN 1170-5 LOP  12,70 MPa – MOR 24,64 MPa


  • Weight
    6 kg/set