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AC metal fillers copper 1 kg

AC metal fillers copper 1 kg
Gross: 81.42 EUR/pcs
A range of four metal powder can be supplied:
Silver Bronze

Jesmonite Metal fillers are added to Jesmonite AC100 and AC300 composites to provide
in-mould metal finishes. They can be added to Gel Coat or to both the Gel Coat and substrate compounds for laminating and casting.
  • Mix ratio by weightJesmonite resin 300gJesmonite base 600 gMeatal Filler 700-1000gMix methodWeight out the Metal Filler in a separate container. First mix together the Jesmonite base and liquids, and then add the Metal Filler and continue mixing until thoroughly mixed and lump free.
  • Weight
    1 kg/pcs