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Epikote LR 285 + LH 285 1+0,4kg @

Epikote LR 285 + LH 285 1+0,4kg @
  • Epikote LR 285 + LH 285 1+0,4kg @
Gross: 43.45 EUR/pcs

Laminating resin system approved by the GERMAN FEDERAL AVIATION AUTHORITYwith different pot lifes for processing of glass, carbon and aramide fibres, featuring high static and dynamic loadability.

  • The range of pot lives is between approx. 45 min and 4 h. The hardeners have the same mixing ratio and can be mixed among themselves in any ratio. This permits a selection of the optimum system for all processing methods. After initial curing at room temperature, the components manufactured are workable and demouldable. You will receive high-gloss and non-tacky surfaces, even with unfavourable precuring conditions, e. g. lower temperatures or high humidities.

  • Processing time
    30 min
    Curing time (Hours)
    2-3 hours
    1 kg/pcs