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Epidian Floor C1 epoxy resin RAL7035 + U1 hardener (20+5kg)

Epidian Floor C1 epoxy resin RAL7035 + U1 hardener (20+5kg)
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EPIDIAN® FLOOR C1 flooring system is designed to make thin (0.15-0.5mm), aesthetic and easy to maintain, coloured floors

on a concrete substrate, in order to protect them against dust, as well as mechanical and chemical impact.

Epidian Floor G2 + U1 Technical information

  • Material consumption depends on the structure of the substrate and, on average, a singleapplication of it, with a layer thickness of

    0.15-0.25 mm which is 0.2-0.3 kg/m2. Recommended to apply two layers.

    At any one time, a single portion of the composition, consisting of no more than 6 kg, should be prepared and used within 15 minutes.

  • Weight
    12.5 kg/pcs