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SR Surf clear + SD EVO Medium 1+0,4kg @

SR Surf clear + SD EVO Medium 1+0,4kg @
  • SR Surf clear + SD EVO Medium 1+0,4kg @
Gross: 36.88 EUR/pcs
Unit price: Gross: 26.34 EUR/kg
Mixing ratio (by weight):

Specially formulated for the manufacturing of surfboards. Suitable for hand lay up, compatible with all commercial foams and all typical fillers used in the surf industry.

Product is UV stabilized and ensures high gloss surface.

Hardener: medium hardener is designed for big boards or high ambient temperature applications (over 35°C)

  • Work in a clean environment with heating facility.

    Ideal working temperature from 18 °C to 30 °C. Maintain a constant temperature during lamination.

    Avoid high ambient humidity. Avoid exposure to U.V. during the cure. Laminates and coatings benefitting from a sun free post cure or polymerized for at least 7 days at 18°C will obtain greater U.V. resistance and mechanical properties. Do not dilute with solvents.

    The use of compatible pigments is possible.

    A polyurethane or other top coat paint can (for best UV protection) be applied, without primer, after sanding the final layer.

  • Resin classification
    UV stable, clear, bright
    Processing time
    20 min
    Demoulding time (at 25 ° C)
    24 hours
    1.75 kg/pcs