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Spacewax 300

Spacewax 300
Gross: 18.79 EUR/pcs

Separating wax in paste form, for multiple demoulding of polyester and epoxy resins, also for models, new tools and continuous production.Can be used up to a temperature of 140 °C on “run i n” tools.

  • A clean, soft cotton cloth soaked in water and wrung out tightly is always sued for applying the Spacewax 300. Apply the separating wax generously over a manageable area and polish it immediately to a high shine with a clean cloth.

    Between four and six wax layers should be applied to new moulds. It is essential to wait for about 30 minutes each time before making the next application to ensure that the solvent components have evaporated.

    Recommendation: Always temper new moulds in order to improve reliability.

    (To be on the safe side we also recommend the use of a PVA separating film).

    New moulds should always be tempered up to 50°C for at least 3 hours before starting the application of the release agent.

  • Weight
    450 g/pcs