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Mould release 625 X ECO 0,5 l

Mould release 625 X ECO 0,5 l
Gross: 16.69 EUR/pcs
Packaging (ml):

A Marbocote625X epoxi, fenol, poliészter vagy vinilészter termék acél és egyéb térhálósodó rendszerek leválasztására alkalmas.

  • Product Description:

    Marbocote® 625X ECO is designed to release gelcoated glass reinforced polyester (GRP) or vinyl ester parts from gelcoated moulds. Marbocote 625X ECO is ideally suited for high gloss applications. Marbocote 625X ECO is a blend of a microcrystalline wax and a polymeric resin. The product combines ease of application and multiple release capability. Marbocote 625X ECO is applied in a similar manner to a liquid wax. Marbocote 625X ECO produces an easily visible film on the mould surface that assures the user of complete, uniform coverage. The film is easy to polish, producing a high gloss durable finish capable of giving many releases before re-application is necessary.

    Product Benefits:

    Easy application

    Visible film

    Easy polish

    High gloss (enhanced)

    Mltiple release

    Low oour

    Superior gloss retention

    Minimal mould build-up

    Physical Properties:

    Appearance - Milky liquid

    Odour - Hydrocarbon

    Specific Gravity - 0.763 g/cc

    Flash Point - 28C

    Solvents - Aliphatic hydrocarbo

    Coverage - 15 - 20m2 / L

    Shelf life - On year

    Storage - Flammable store (see

    Safty Data Sheet for further details).

    Note: The polymeric resin used in Marbocote 625X ECO reacts with moisture. Please ensure can is resealed after use. Shake well before and during use of product.

    For new, porous or damaged moulds, Marbocote RS415 ECO should be used prior to applying the Marbocote 625X ECO. See Marbocote RS415 ECO technical data sheet for application details.


    Please read Safety Data Sheet before use.

    If necessary, polish mould to desired level of gloss. If a previous wax based release agent has been used, remove traces of wax using an solvent based cleaner such as Marbocote Mould Cleaner. Marbocote 625X ECO can be applied over existing semi-permanent release agents without a further cleaning step. The mould should be clean and dry before use. New moulds (and repaired areas) should be coated with Marbocote RS415 sealer (see RS415 data sheet). Mould cleaning and release agent application should be performed in a well-ventilated area.

    • Shake can before use.

    • Generously apply Marbocote 625X ECO to clean, dry cotton cloth.

    • Wipe over mould surface, frequently reapplying Marbocote 625X ECO to cloth.

    • Allow film to haze (as with a wax)

    • Check film for areas that may have been missed. Reapply as necessary.

    • Allow 15-20 minutes (typically) for Marbocote 625X ECO to dry.

    • Using a fresh cotton cloth, polish film to a high gloss. No hard rubbing is required. Frequently turn / replace cloth to provide easy removal of wax from the surface. Mechanical polishers are not recommended as they tend to produce “dry spots”.

    • Repeat Steps 1-6 for a further 3 coats.

    Allow product to cure for a minimum of 20 minutes.

    • Commence moulding.


    When the release starts to become hesitant, re-apply 1 coat of Marbocote 625X ECO in the same manner as described above.

  • Packaging (ml)
    500 ml
    467 g/pcs