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DEMOULANT 841 (0,7kg) 05978

DEMOULANT 841 (0,7kg) 05978
Gross: 19.56 EUR/pcs
Unit price: Gross: 27.94 EUR/kg

Mould release agent for moulds and patterns on non-porous materials such as resin metal and warnished wood,pore-sealed plaster.

  • Wax in solvent phase for non porous supports. Shake before using. Polishable product.

    Apply 3 coats with a brush on a clean mold. Polish between each coat. It allows to obtain a shiny surface. It is particularly designed for molding laminates or casting resins until 90°C when a neat surface aspect is required.

  • Weight (gr)
    700 gr
    Mould release properties
    700 g/pcs