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DEMOULANT 851 (0,1 l)

DEMOULANT 851 (0,1 l)
Gross: 2.11 EUR/pcs
Unit price: Gross: 21.05 EUR/l
Packaging (ml):

Mould release agents for moulds and pattems on non-porous materials such as resin, metal, vamished wood, pore-sealed plaster.

  • Heavy wax in spirit suspension. Shake before using.

    Apply 2 coats with a brush on a clean mold. This release agent must not be polished.

    It is particularly designed for casting and low pressure RIM applications up to 100°C as well as urethane elastomers.

    It is not suited to epoxy laminating resins.

  • Packaging (ml)
    100 ml
    90 g/pcs