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Fastcote LP 1 l

Fastcote LP 1 l
Gross: 37.97 EUR/pcs
Unit price: Gross: 0.04 EUR/ml
Weight (gr):
Packaging (ml):

Marbocote Fastcote LP makes release agent application fast and easy. It is designed to release gel coated glass reinforced polyester (GRP) or vinyl ester parts from gel coated moulds and is ideally suited for high gloss applications.

  • Product Benefits:

    • Fast, easy wipe application
    • Less tendency to give fish-eyes and prerelease than other semi-permanent release agents
    • Non contaminating
    • Non-chlorinated solvents
    • Low odour
    • Minimal mould build-up
    • Versatile, can be used on all mould surfaces
    • Durable; provides multiple releases per application

  • Weight (gr)
    110 gr
    Packaging (ml)
    1 000 ml
    Mould release properties
    Fiberglass, Polyester and vinylester, gels
    950 g/pcs