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Silicone separator (200 ml; 250g)

Silicone separator (200 ml; 250g)
Gross: 20.18 EUR/pcs
Unit price: Gross: 0.1 EUR/ml

Suitable to separate 2 silicone elemets/layers.

To obtain a good separation between two silicone rubbers / 2 surfaces is necessary to apply with a brush the liquid separator in order to create a film . Waiting 5 minuts the solvent will disappear , then apply another film of separator. The casting of the liquid silicone must to be made within 20 minutes from the application of the separator.

When also the second lay of silicone is hardened, the two silicone must be separated.

  • The separator must be preserved in a closed packaging . In fact the contact with the air cause the inhibition of the product.

  • Packaging (ml)
    200 ml
    250 g/pcs