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Synolite 0328 A-1 clear, UV stable polyester resin 25kg

Synolite 0328 A-1 clear, UV stable polyester resin 25kg
Bruttó: 55 612 Ft/pcs
Unit price: Bruttó: 2 224 Ft/kg/
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Reccomended for the production of waterclear castings and encapsulations.

Pre-accerelated with low peack exotherm and low polimerisation shrinkage. This resin is UV-light stabilized.

Reccomended dosage of initiator: 1%

  • Applications Synolite 0328-A-1 is recommended for the production of water clear castings and encapsulations.

    Principal properties Synolite 0328-A-1 is a pre-accelerated low reactivity orthophthalic acid based resin with a very gradual cure. The product has a low peak exotherm combined with a low polymerisation shrinkage and high brilliance after polymerisation. This resin is UVlight stabilised.

    Guidelines before use Before use, the resin should be conditioned at a well defined, application dependant temperature (usually 15°C minimum for a MEKP cure). Stir the product before blending.

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    25 kg/pcs