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CC7 Clean and Check 0,5kg

CC7 Clean and Check 0,5kg
Gross: 20.18 EUR/kg
Unit price: Gross: 10.09 EUR/db

CC7 cleans surfaces without affecting the gloss level.

  • CC7 is the specific spray cleaner for grp plugs and moulds as well as for moulded parts and carbon components. Pai Boat Composites spray cleaner CC7 is a specific product for a good control of the elimination of sandpaper scratches. Through its innovative cleaning agents, this peculiar cleaner removes layers that usually hides defects and marks and brings up scratches, holograms and hazes, without affecting the gloss level. It may be used as detergent to clean also plastics, rubber, glasses, resins and lacquers


    Please spray a little quantity directly on the area to treat. Let it act for a while, then remove it with a clean microfiber cloth. Before applying another product, please rinse the surface with a wet sponge.

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