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Paiboat Easy Gloss Protective Polish and Wax 1kg

Paiboat Easy Gloss Protective Polish and Wax 1kg
Gross: 18.93 EUR/kg
Unit price: Gross: 18.93 EUR/db

Protective restoring polish and wax for supreme shiny finish.

Guarantees a long-lasting protection.

  • EASY GLOSS is the extra fine protective polish for gelcoat, lacquer and carbon. Pai Boat Composites polish EASY GLOSS gives high gloss finishing while adding wax protection on boats as well as automotive parts and carbon components. EASY GLOSS safely removes light oxidation, stains and water spots, restoring the original deep shine of the surface. Thanks to its advanced formula, made of last-generation polymers, EASY GLOSS adheres to the surface, thus leaving an enduring protective and water-repellent film, as well as an unbelievable slick finish and radiant shine. For maximum performance, the use of EASY GLOSS is recommended with Pai Boat Composites soft black foam polishing pads. For manual application, we suggest the use of S20 Holder for hand use.


    Shake before use, then pour a small quantity of on a soft foam black pad and spread it with crossed movements, by hand or by polisher (800-1500 RPM). Let the surface dry completely and eventually wipe it off with a clean cloth

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    1 kg