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Topfinish2 1kg

Topfinish2 1kg
Gross: 26.3 EUR/kg
Unit price: Gross: 26.3 EUR/db

TOPFINISH 2 is a nano-abrasives based polish for holograms-free surface refinishing, it is ideal for the extreme refinishing action even of the most delicate and difficult coloured surfaces; it removes holograms, swirls, polishing marks resulting from previous coarse compounds; its balanced blend of nano-abrasives and high performance polishing agents allows to achieve the highest standard of brightness in a safe, simple and quick way.

  • TOPFINISH 2 is the anti-holograms and nano-abrasives based refinishing polish for boats as well as for various components in the automotive industry. Pai Boat Composites polish TOPFINISH 2 is able to permanently remove holograms, swirls and polishing marks from gelcoat as well as from lacquer and painted surfaces. TOPFINISH 2 is the ideal solution for dark colours in order to perform an extreme refinishing action and obtain the highest standard of perfection. In its black colour version, TOPFINISH 2 is widely appreciated for first-class carbon parts refinishing in the automotive industry. For maximum performance, the use of TOPFINISH 2 is recommended with Pai Boat Composites medium-soft blue foam polishing pads. If a more abrasive action is needed, it is advisable the use of Pai Boat Composites SL3 fine wool pads.


    Shake before use, then apply by variable speed polisher, selecting either an anti-scratch wool pad SL3 or a medium-soft blue foam pad. Pour a small quantity of compound on the polisher-pad. Let the polisher turn at low revolutions, speeding them up (1000-2000 RPM) while spreading the paste with crossed movements. Eventually, wipe the surface with a clean cloth.

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