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THA 192 (0,05 kg) thixotropic agent for polyurethane range UR58

THA 192 (0,05 kg) thixotropic agent for polyurethane range UR58
Gross: 4.01 EUR/pcs
Negative mold making

THA 192 is an additive allowing to thicken and to vary thixotropy of UR 5800 range polyurethanes.

The product is dedicated to make soft surface layers for moulds or parts with soft touch aspect.

  • THA 192 has to be incorporated into polyol in a homogeneous manner before adding isocyanate.

    • Weigh polyol part.

    • Add the required quantity (1-2%) of THA 192 and mix.

    • Add the required quantity of isocyanate and mix.

    • Allow the product to thicken for at least 30 seconds.

    • Apply first AXSON 841 demoulding agent on the support and spread TIXO PU with a brush or a spatula.

  • Weight (gr)
    50 gr
    Additional features
    Important If you add too much THA 121, the main mechanical properties of the product will be reduced, especially its hardness and tensile strength and the surface may become sticky. All MDI-based Polyurethanes (rapid casting resins F18, F19,…, UR 58xx series) can be applied to a freshly applied soft layer before the gel time. Epoxy resins are not compatible with such a surface layer.
    61 g/pcs