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Adekit A 280/400BK 05046

Adekit A 280/400BK 05046
Gross: 33.78 EUR/pcs
Unit price: Gross: 0.08 EUR/ml

Bonding of parts in large series and repairing of composite parts, bonding of body elements (spoiler, bumpers…)

  • • Two component room temperature cure polyurethane adhesive

    • Non sagging paste product suitable for vertical applications and to fill irregular joints

    • Fast setting product adapted to reduce assembly time

    • Excellent vibrations, impacts and noise damping

    • Excellent behaviour at low temperatures

    • Product adapted to assemblies involving dissimilar materials

    • Excellent mechanical performances and ageing

    • Excellent strength to dynamic loads (vibrations and impacts)

    • Product adapted to stringent ageing and aggressive environments

  • It can be glued perfectly with it
    Aluminum, Aluminum, Glass-reinforced polyester composite, Carbon-reinforced epoxy composite, Glass, Ceramic, Stainless steel, Steel, Stainless steel, Wood
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    400 g/pcs