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Jesmonite pigment white (0,1 kg)

Jesmonite pigment white (0,1 kg)
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The pigment addition rate is 2% by weight of total mixed Jesmonite (100g mixed Jesmonite for 2 g pigment) so for these sized casts you will only need a few grams. If you add too much pigment, it will stop the Jesmonite from setting or make the cast object weak and breakable.


If you want to cast a solid colour, mix the pigment into the pre-weighed AC100 liquids, blend thoroughly and slowly add the Jesmonite base to the liquids whilst mixing until the mix is smooth, flowing and free from lumps.


Alternatively, you can add the pigment to the mixed Jesmonite, experiment by swirling it through to create different effects.

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    100 g/pcs