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Orthophthalic acid (conventional) polyester gel


  • If the requirements for mechanical strength, heat resistance and corrosion resistance are not determinative, the use of conventional polyesters is perfectly appropriate.
  • Aqueous solutions of mild mineral acids, low concentrations of salts or alcohols, as well as certain aliphatic hydrocarbons (paraffin oil, lubricating oil) do not preclude the use of an orthophthalic acid polyester resin.
  • Their resistance to alkaline media is minimal.
  • In addition to short or intermittent contact with water, it can be used without the use of other coatings with excellent chemical resistance (waterproof).
  • Equipment made of conventional polyesters has a long-term heat resistance of ~ 50 ° C.

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Gelcoat industrial neutral brush H00E0002PZ 1 kg@
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Gelcoat industrial neutral brush H00E0002PZ 5 kg@
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