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AC200 liquids (1kg) + Jesmonite (2kg)

AC200 liquids (1kg) + Jesmonite (2kg)
Gross: 21.75 EUR/set
Unit price: Gross: 7.25 EUR/kg

Jesmonite AC200 is a water-based, modified gypsum composite material which is ideally suited to making masters and prototypes prior to moulding. It sets to a hard but easily carved surface and can be shaped using a variety of tools including CNC, routers and chisels

  • Jesmonite AC200 provides an adaptable, mouldable carving medium that is safe and easy to use for all modelling and

    prototyping applications. The master can then be moulded using a rubber moulding compounds. Jesmonite AC200 is also an excellent adhesive for polystyrene, PU tooling board, and Styrofoam board.



    Mix ratio:


    parts Base to Liquids ratio by weight

    Wet density1845 kg/m³
    Dry density1745 kg/m³
    Initial set15-20 perc (18 C, No Retarde)
    Expansion on set0,15%



  • Processing time
    15-20 min
    3 kg/set