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Gelcoat iso/npg spray neutral P125 5kg

Gelcoat iso/npg spray neutral P125 5kg
Gross: 50.9 EUR/pcs
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High quality gealcoat suitable for composites products, UV stabilizied with excellent resistance weathering conditionals.

  • Especially high resistance to ageing factors is a characteristic parameter of isophthalic NPG gel coats. In production of polyester-glass laminates and other products made of polyester resins it is used for outer layer formation, which gives the product the aesthetic appearance, and protects against destructive influence of environment: damages, mechanical, atmospheric conditions.

    Advantages of using gel coat:

    • better mechanical and functional parameters compared to isophthalic gel coat,
    • is accelerated,
    • good efficiency,
    • good processing parameters
    • advantageous curing characteristic,
    • increased resistance to ultraviolet light,
    • good price for NPG
  • Weight
    5 kg/pcs