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Tooling gelcoat black 520-2107 (23,1kg)

Tooling gelcoat black 520-2107 (23,1kg)
Gross: 22.68 EUR/kg

Tooling-Gelcoat is a black gelcoat in a brushing consistency. It is pre-accelerated and based on epoxy-bisphenol A-vinyl ester-urethane resin dissolved in styrene.

  • Tooling-Gelcoat was especially developed for the production of GRP moulds. The product is particularly suitable for moulds that are subjected to high chemical and thermal loads.

  • Weight
    1 kg
    Minimum order quantity
    23.1 kg
    Quantity options
    23.1 kg, 46.2 kg, 69.3 kg, 92.4 kg, ...