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Paiboat NW0 Hard Cut 1 kg

Paiboat NW0 Hard Cut 1 kg
Gross: 27.14 EUR/kg
Unit price: Gross: 27.14 EUR/db

NW 0 is a heavy cutting compound for hard resins polishing. It is ideal for polishing and refurbishing vinyl ester and hard tooling moulds; it removes P800-P1000 sand scratches; it is a “One step” compound, assuring a high quality finish.

  • NW 0 is the heavy cutting paste for polishing hard resins. Pai Boat Composites cutting polishing compound NW 0 is perfect for polishing vinyl ester moulds, plugs and epoxy resin. NW 0 has been expressly formulated by our R&D department to serve the need of polishing the toughest moulds in the quickest way, achieving unbelievable results. NW 0 can remove scratches and sanding marks from hard tooling gelcoat moulds, leaving a brilliant finish. It is for this reason that NW 0 is a cutting and polishing compound, commonly called “one-step”. For maximum performance, the use of NW 0 is recommended with Pai Boat Composites wool pads or with Pai Boat Composites hard white foam polishing pads.


    Mix well, then apply by variable speed polisher, selecting a ST1 or ST2 wool pad. Apply a small quantity of compound on the polisher-pad. Let the polisher turn at low revolutions, speeding them up (800-1500 RPM) while spreading the paste with crossed movements. Eventually, wipe it off with a clean cloth.

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