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Thixo Agent for Condensation 250g

Thixo Agent for Condensation 250g
Gross: 28.32 EUR/pcs
Unit price: Gross: 7.08 EUR/db
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Row material used to obtain Thixotropic poly condensation (RTV 2) silicone.
  • Dosage: From 2 % until a maximum of 4% in weight. The Thixo Agent must be add into the BASE. The % of thixo agent must be added in accordance with the final result the customer want to obtain (silicone more or less thixo). Pour the % of Thixo Agent into the Base RTV 2 silicone and mix for 60 sec and then add the curing agent in %.
  • Weight (gr)
    250 gr
    250 g/pcs