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Polycondensation silicone

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The biggest advantage of polycondensation silicones is their prevalence and relatively lower price, but they shrink by about 0.2 - 2% due to the precipitation of alcohols during hardening, crosslinking problems can be caused by too low ambient moisture content (eg gypsum, etc.), contains silicone oil , this may make the subsequent painting of the products more difficult, the tin catalyst is toxic, the polyester casting resins destroy the polycondensation silicone quickly. Mixing ratio is usually 100: 3-5 which is difficult to measure and mix properly in small quantities… Compared to similar competing silicones available in Hungary, Zhermack's polycondensation silicones still have a higher elongation at break and only 0.5% shrinkage!

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ZC 20-120 + ZC 120 (1kg+50g)
28.99 EUR+VAT
ZC 30-120 + ZC 120 (1kg+50g)
21.54 EUR+VAT

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