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ZA 22 Thixo Body (1,5+1,5kg)

ZA 22 Thixo Body (1,5+1,5kg)
  • ZA 22 Thixo Body (1,5+1,5kg)

22 Shore A of skin tone thixo pasta is a bicomponent (base and catalyst) addition RTV 2 silicone rubber that vulcanizes at room temperature. Indicated for the duplication of Body casting and Special effects.


    Vulcanized color

    Skin tone

    Mixing ratio Base : Cat

    1 : 1

    Hardness (Shore A) after 24 h a 23 °C

    22 ± 2

    Working time at 23 °C

    6min 00sec

    Setting time at 23 °C

    15 min 00sec ÷ 20min 00sec

    Viscosity (cP)

    > 50˙000


    Instructions for useTake the two bi-component products supplied by Zhermack (base and catalyst). Weigh an equal amount of catalyst and base (ex. 100 grams of catalyst and 100 grams of base; within a 5% error range the end result is not altered). When extraditing the product from the container it is necessary to use two different spoons for each component to prevent contamination of the product. Once the product is weighed and it is assured that the base and catalyst are equal, the two components are inserted in a recipient and mixed thoroughly. It is important to check while mixing that no residue remains on the base and sides of the recipient. Mix energetically until the colour of the product is homogeneous. Once the product is mixed it is applied to the mould or body. The working time is approximately WT (see table below) from the beginning of the mixing at 23°C. If the quantity used is less than what is needed to complete the duplication, complete the hardening of the silicone and than proceed with the addition of the remaining silicone needed. The material attaches to the silicone without altering the final result.

    The setting time (time the silicone needs to vulcanize) is about ST at 23°C (see table below). After the ST is complete, from the start of the mixing, we can separate the model from the mould. If necessary use compress air to facilitate this separation. It is important not to force this separation with sharp objects that can deform the final stamp.


    Note: The working time and thus the setting time are reduced if the temperature exceeds 23°C (ex. If the temperature is 40°C, the working time is halved and the setting time is approximately halved). If the temperature is less than 23°C both the working time and setting time increase considerably. (ex. If the temperature is 4°C, the working time doubles and the Setting time increases three times the minutes indicated at 23°C ).

  • Weight
    3 kg/pcs