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ZA 35 Mould Fast (2,5+2,5KG)

ZA 35 Mould Fast (2,5+2,5KG)
Gross: 150.43 EUR/pcs
Unit price: Gross: 30.09 EUR/kg
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35 Shore A of green is a bicomponent (base and catalyst) addition RTV silicone rubber that vulcanizes at room temperature. Indicated for the duplication of models with small recesses. Mould-making, model-making and Art Ceramic for its remarkable reproduction accuracy, high dimensional stability and mechanical strength with fluidity. Suggested for the reproduction of mother shape /form.

  • Chemical and Physical Properties

    Vulcanized product

    Mixing ratio 1 : 1

    Specific weight 1.16-1.18 g/cc

    Viscosity of pre-catalization mixture 4100 ± 300 cP

    Mixing time at 23 °C (73 °F) 1’

    Working time at 23 °C (73 °F) WT= 6’

    Setting time at 23 °C (73 °F) ST= 20’

    Shore A hardness after 24 hours 35 ± 2 shA

    Breaking load 3.0±0.2 N/mm2

    Elongation at break 300±20 %

    Tear strength DIE B 7±1 N/mm

    Tear strength DIE C 9±1 N/mm

  • Processing time
    6 perc
    Curing time (minutes)
    20 perc
    5.5 kg/pcs