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ZAX 60 BASE + ZAX 60 CATALYST (500g+5kg)

ZAX 60 BASE + ZAX 60  CATALYST (500g+5kg)
Gross: 277.24 EUR/pcs
Mould making for special applications (suggested for Polyurethane resins, Epoxy resins and Polyester resins). Suggestion: put a lay of silicone oil on the hardened silicone before to cast the resin, this procedure enlarge the life of the mould.
  • Chemical and Physical Properties

    Part A (part 10) catalyst


    Part B (part 1) base


    Mixing ratio


    Viscosity of pre-catalyzation mixture

    100 000 cP

    Mixing time 23 °C

    3 min

    Working time at 23 °C

    60 min

    Setting time at 23 °C

    24 hour

    Shore A hardness after 24 hours

    60±3 ShA

    Tensile strenght

    5.0 N/mm2

    Elongation at break

    200±20 %

    Tear strength (Die B)

    >10 N/mm



  • Weight
    5.5 kg/pcs